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Cookies Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to illustrate how cookies are used when the User interacts with our Web Site or with the services offered through the Site. This Policy on cookies is an integral part of our Privacy Information and should be read in conjunction with it.

What’s a cookie?
In addition to navigation data, our Brooksfield Site, our mobile applications, social media and other online services may use "cookies". Cookies are unique identifiers, which generally consist of small strings of text or code. As a rule, cookies are memorized on the device or in the browser of the User, and send certain information to the party that transmitted the cookie.
Cookies and other similar technologies are used to make the User’s navigation on the Brooksfield website even more engaging and allow for determining the number of visitors to the Site, the frequency of visits and by what methods visitors use the Site, appropriately updating content, improving navigation, sending advertising information or strengthening security conditions.

Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?
We use the following categories of cookies on our Web Site:

  • Navigation cookies
    From the time of first access these cookies allow the Site to function correctly, and allow the User to view content on his device by recognizing the language and country from which he has chosen to connect. If the User is already registered, the navigation cookies will allow him to be recognised, enabling him to access the services of the areas dedicated to him. Navigation cookies are defined as “technical” and are needed for the Site to function.
  • Functional cookies
    These cookies allow the Site to recognise the User in the event of successive accesses so that it is not necessary to enter data again with each visit (e.g.: ‘remember me next time’). If the User has placed items in the “Shopping Bag” and has then closed the session without completing the purchase and without deleting them from his cart, these cookies will allow him to continue shopping, finding the selected items again once he newly accesses the site (within a limited amount of time). Functional cookies are not essential for the Site’s functioning, but do improve the quality and experience of the navigation.
  • Analytical cookies
    These cookies are used to prepare statistical analyses on Users’ navigation practices on our Site. The results of these analyses will be processed anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes, only if the server provider uses the cookies in connection with the browser or other devices used to navigate on the site.
  • Marketing and profiling cookies
    These cookies are intended to create profiles relating to the User in order to send him sales messages which incorporate the preferences shown during the visit or to improve his navigation experience. These cookies are useful for showing the User products of interest to him, or that are similar to those he has viewed, and are based on the navigation chronology of the User himself. Brooksfield uses certain third party services which, entirely independently, install their own cookies. Third party cookies are those sent by third party companies we trust. These cookies allow you to be offered products for sale on other affiliated web sites(retargeting). As concerns third party cookies, the information on the cookies installed is provided directly by the third party companies, as described in the respective privacy policy of the parties indicated below under the link. The marketing and profiling cookies are not necessary for navigation on the Web Site.
  • Social Network Cookies
    These cookies are necessary to allow the User’s social account to interact with our web site. Their utility consists, for example, of getting the User to express his appreciation or to share it with his social networking friends. Use of the data collected by third parties through the social network plug-ins is exclusively determined by the third parties. The social network cookies are not necessary for navigating on the Web Site.


How can I disable cookies and manage my preferences?

The majority of the most common browsers automatically accept cookies. It is nevertheless possible to manually configure your browser to not accept cookies.
Below is the procedure for managing cookies from the following browsers:

Internet Explorer:

To obtain information about third party cookies, we note below the web addresses of the various informational notes and procedures for managing cookies: BR>

Bing http:

For cookies collected via social network plug-ins:

Facebook information:
Facebook (configuration): access your account. Privacy section.
Twitter information:
Twitter (configuration):
Linkedin information:
Linkedin (configuration):
Google+ information:
Google+ (configuration):
Pinterest information:

To obtain an updated and complete list of cookies we ask that you contact us at the following address:

Cookies are used in every section of our Site and other services and online platforms: Deactivating them may thus prevent the User from using certain sections of the Web Site and the aforementioned platforms.

The user nevertheless maintains the ability to modify his cookie preferences through this information, which can be linked to each page of the Site.

For more information about cookies and to manage your preferences for third party profiling cookies, Users should go to

To deactivate analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting navigation data, the User may download the browser add-on component to deactivate Google Analytics: